Career Mentor offers the best SolidWorks training course to Mechanical engineers in Hoshiarpur and makes them capable of getting suitable jobs in MNCs. We provide training on latest software as this is the demand of top industries. Career Mentor is the only institute in non-metro city Hoshiarpur which focuses on preparing skilled persons and make their career bright.

SolidWorks is the ultimate software which integrates mechanical CAD, Product data management, design communication, design validation and CAD productivity tools.
We provide the knowledge thoroughly and access the performance of every trainee on regular basis. We also provide flexibility of timing for the convenience of those students who join SolidWorks training course during their academic studies.

SolidWorks Course Includes

• SolidWork Conceptual & Industrial Design
• SolidWorks Drawings
• SolidWorks MBD
• SolidWorks Inspection
• SolidWorks Routing – Piping & Tubing
• SolidWorks Routing – Electrical
• Surface Modelling
• Assembly Modelling
• File Management
• API Fundamentals
• Mold Design
• Sheet Metal

Career Mentor offers additional services such as guidance for interviews and CV preparation. We also send the trained students to interviews in high breed companies till they get suitable jobs. The trainees are assigned real life projects and asked to implement their learning into practical environment.

If you are planning to be a professional by taking SolidWorks training, contact us, we would provide you the training in practical workspace. You can also get fee concessions by opting multiple courses simultaneously. Be a smart learner and win the high profile job.

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