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AutoCAD is powerful drafting software that is used across multiple designs, architectural and engineering companies worldwide. The students, who are willing to be perfectionist in these industries, need to have the practical experience before joining the job. We, at Career Mentor provide 2D AutoCAD training to Civil engineers and make them capable of continuing their career with perfect skills. We offer AutoCAD training for beginners as well as intermediates and teach you with practical examples.

2D AutoCAD training requires the basics of Computer operating skills and the knowledge of the particular stream whether it is architectural or engineering. If you are planning to learn this drafting software in non-metro city Hoshiarpur, contact us, we have professional team who will train you. You, after getting 2D AutoCAD training, will be able to design and draft the forms which you want. Designing of buildings, bridges and other architectural components is possible with Autodesk courses.

CAD training classes are flexible and you can opt the timing as per your convenience. We access the performance of students on regular basis and cross questioning is used to hold in order to boost the confidence. The facility of providing interview questions and answers is available that are being asked in companies. The duration of 2D AutoCAD certification course is one month.

2D AutoCAD Course Includes

• 2D Drafting & Designing
• Modifying and Manipulating Drawings
• Dimensioning and Text
• Polar Tracking
• Object Tracking
• Managing Drawing
• Preparing Layout and Plotting
• ACAD Function Keys
• User Interface and Basic Drawing Tools
• Various Strategies for Drawing and Printing
• Hatch Patterns, Blocks and External References

Career Mentor is the only AutoCAD institute in Hoshiarpur who offers practical surroundings where you can check your ability during and after the completion of AutoCAD training.

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